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Keep It Safe in San Diego This Summer


Summer Safety Tips for San Diego

Every year, millions of tourists flock to San Diego, especially in the summer. Generally speaking, locals will tell you San Diego is a safe place. But we are a big city with a bustling nightlife, so there are a few basic safety precautions worth taking to ensure your vacation is memorable in a fun way. As a leading downtown San Diego hotel for summer breakers, we’d like to share a few tips with incoming tourists.

Know What Areas to Avoid

When you’re exploring on vacation, most people don’t know the good from the bad areas and it can be easy enough to wander into the wrong side of town. Do your research ahead of time and avoid locations that are isolated or away from tourist attractions. Know which streets to avoid and stay in areas that are well-lit with plenty of traffic.

Place a Napkin Over Your Drink

When you’re mingling with other people at a bar or party, place a napkin over your drink as you socialize. Although it may be a difficult habit to begin practicing or you might feel funny at first, holding a napkin over your drink (you can poke a hole for the straw) can prevent someone from easily slipping something into your drink the moment you turn the other way.

Rely on Taxis

Even if you “feel fine,” if you’ve been drinking at all rely on taxis and car sharing. Aside from the fact that this is just responsible behavior, San Diego sets up check points for all the big holidays as well as sporadically throughout the year, especially during summer months. Have the phone number of a local taxi company on hand ahead of time for a plan of action that ensures that you arrive safely back at your hotel without an accident. You can also reserve a hotel room in the Gaslamp Quarter, making it easy to just walk (or stumble) back to your hotel at the end of your night.

Go Home with Friends

One of the most common mistakes made on vacation is going to a party or bar with friends and leaving the event with a stranger. This can easily threaten your safety and make you vulnerable to a dangerous situation. Stick with your friends and have a buddy system in place to ensure that you don’t succumb to a stranger’s ulterior motives.

As with any vacation, it’s important to plan ahead (at least a little) and keep a few safety tips in the back of your mind at all times. For more safety ideas, or to book a downtown or Little Italy hotel, reach out to the Pacific Inn Hotel & Suites. We are minutes from downtown, the airport, and the convention center, and we also offer great rates and promotions. Call us at 1-800-571-2933 to learn more!

Give Yourself a Jolt at These Downtown San Diego Coffee Shops


Top Coffee Shops in Downtown San Diego

Whether you love coffee or need a pick-me-up after a long night, swing by these coffee shops in downtown San Diego. Each one has its own character, so try them all and find a favorite for next time!

LION Coffee
If you want 100% Kona coffee, this is the place to find it. This shop is known for their stellar coconut lattes made with espresso, milk, a coconut shot, and a dollop of foam, as well as their lion Thai mocha latte made with espresso, condensed milk and yummy Ghirardelli chocolate. The inside it pretty small, so if you’re planning on sitting and reading or chatting be sure to have a back up plan if you can’t find a spot.

James Coffee Co
Located in Little Italy, around the corner from your cheap Little Italy hotel, this shop maintains a cool Industrial vibe, and has an operating schedule that’s easy to memorize: 7am to 7pm everyday. Bags of beans can be purchased and on-site grinding is available. The shop also supports a no syrup policy–they use sugar, honey, and agave as sweeteners.

Elixir Espresso Bar
Situated in an old historic building among a few San Diego Gaslamp Quarter hotels, this shop attracts visitors with its unique vibe and charming characteristics, like the caged elevator that must be taken to access the restroom. Smooth espresso shots, Mexican Mochas, and delicate crepes have made this a favorite stop for locals and tourists alike.

Old Gallery Coffee House
This is the place to go for a legit Mexican breakfast or brunch accompanied by a delicious Mexican Mocha. Prices are reasonable and ample upstairs seating provides a peaceful moment early in the day. It tends to be less crowded than larger well-known coffee shops in the area.

Tabac Specialty Coffee and Cigars
Although they don’t cater to early birds with their 10am opening time, they do offer great coffee and stay open until 1am or 2am depending on the day. They also serve hookah and have an extensive cigar collection.

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Spring in San Diego: Events for the Whole Family


San Diego Spring Events

Spring is one of the best seasons to spend in San Diego. Most days aren’t too hot or too cold, there are fewer visitors than summer, and there are a number of really awesome family-friendly events. The Pacific Inn in San Diego has narrowed the long list down to a few of the most enjoyable for all ages.

90th Annual Coronado Flower Show
Apr. 18-19

Just across the bay from cheap San Diego Convention Center hotels, visitors will find the country’s largest tented flower show. This annual event in Coronado features dozens of flower exhibits in tents that surround a central gazebo, which is the central stage for entertainment and presentations. Those 21 and up can relax and listen to live music in the wine and beer garden. Tickets are $5.

25th Annual San Diego Earth Fair
April 19

Over 300 exhibits will be featured in Balboa Park at this annual event promoting environmentalism. Visitors can enjoy art, dine at the food pavilion, and even tour different themed areas that are all focused on preserving Mother Earth and informing the community. There will also be an area for kids featuring crafts, face painting, games, hands-on activities, and a stage with youth-focused entertainment.

Annual Old Town Fiesta Cinco de Mayo
May 2

To celebrate Mexico’s victory over France at the Battle of Puebla, Old Town will be hosting a celebration for Cinco de Mayo a few days early with authentic Mexican food, live entertainment, and three music stages. Both kids and adults can enjoy viewing a low rider car show or participating in a soccer competition with other guests. A children’s area and stagecoach rides will also be available. Admission is free.

Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon
May 31

Folks travel from all over to participate in the Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon. Both adults and kids can run or watch this annual event that features different types of music played along the way, a health and fitness expo, and the Racekids Kids Camp. Registration starts at $40.

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Secret San Diego: Hidden Bars


San Diego's Secret Bars

When the sun goes down and you wash the sand out of your hair, check out San Diego’s secret bars.

The Noble Experiment
Where: 777 G Street

With a name inspired by the failed “noble experiment” of prohibition back in the 1920s, this bar is actually located near your San Diego Gaslamp Quarter hotel within a restaurant called The Neighborhood. The bartenders, self-proclaimed “mixologists,” will make a drink suited to your preferences if you’re in the mood for something a little more personalized. Seating is limited and reservations are strongly required.

Where: 548 5th Avenue

Put on your best Bond duds (there actually is a dress code) and make your way to…a law office? Don’t be fooled. Just press the buzzer and a doorman will greet you and explain the house rules. It’s first-come, first-served, so start your exploration efforts early in the evening. They’re open Wednesday through Saturday from 7pm to 2am.

Cherry Bomb
Where: 2237 1st Avenue

Located in a strip mall next to a laundry mat just up the hill from several hotels in Little Italy, San Diego, this little bar can be hard to find since the signage isn’t all that great, but it’s worth the effort. Bartenders tend to be friendly and the drinks are strong (but really, one drink here is like three at other bars). In addition to a jukebox, there’s also a pool table and a foosball table here.

Dussini’s Loft Bar
Where: 275 5th Avenue

Found in The Old Spaghetti Factory not far from Petco Park, this hidden Gaslamp Quarter gem includes a fireplace, a pool table and an “ice ring” around the bar area to keep your beverages cool. Drink selections range from fancy (raspberry and champagne mojitos) to simple (good, old-fashioned beer), and the menu here is a bit more extensive than what you get at most bars.

Vin De Syrah Spirit & Wine Parlor
Where: 901 5th Avenue

Even the door to this bar is hard to spot, but that’s part of the fun. Once you get inside, you’ll probably hear claps from the patrons since there’s a hidden camera outside that allows those already inside to watch in amusement as people try to find the door. After making your way inside, you’ll definitely be taken by surprise by the Alice in Wonderland decor. The vibe is laid back and the staff tends to be attentive and friendly.

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Visiting the Beach While in San Diego? Read These Tips First


Beach Tips for San Diego Tourists

Thinking of heading out to one of the beaches in San Diego? Follow these simple tips to have the most enjoyable experience during your day of sun and sand!

1. Check your beach attire.

While Black’s Beach may be clothing optional, most of San Diego’s beaches are family oriented. Unless you’ll be in a secluded location, make sure your beach attire is appropriate for eyes of all ages. You don’t want to feel uncomfortable, have to buy a new suit, or drive back to your Little Italy San Diego hotel to change.

2. Don’t assume Fido is welcome.

Want to bring your pup to frolic in the surf as well? For the majority of the beaches, from April 1st to October 31st, dogs are not allowed on the beach from 9am to 6pm and must be leashed when at the beach.

Dog Beach, North Beach Dog Run, Fiesta Island, and Del Mar Dog Beach all cater to the canines and have individual rules. Dog Beach is one of the oldest dog-friendly sites and is open 24 hours. Leashes are optional.

3. Be mentally prepared for parking.

It might sound like an exaggeration, but if you aren’t mentally prepared for parking at a San Diego beach during high season you’ll quickly be overwhelmed and discouraged. Be polite, don’t engage people who swoop in and steal a spot even though you had your blinker on, and if you wait for a person leaving and follow them to their car let them know you want their spot and aren’t just being a creep. Most importantly, depending on the day, the time, and the beach, you could easily spend 20-30 minutes trying to park.

4. Keep your sunscreen to yourself.

Some beachgoers have shunned old-fashioned sun block in favor of the spray on brands. If you prefer the spray, make sure you pay attention to your nearest neighbors as well as the direction of the wind so your fellow beachgoers don’t end up with a mouthful of SPF.

5. Headphones are a must have.

Respect your neighbors on the sand and employ your headphones to listen to your favorite beats! They also come in handy if other beachgoers aren’t using headphones and you’re just not in the mood to listen to their music.

6. Watch your children.

While many beaches employ lifeguards, it is still your responsibility to keep an eye on your offspring and ensure they are not only safe, but not pestering other beach goers who are intent on relaxing.

7. Properly pack up.

When it’s time to head back to your hotel near the SDCC, ensure you shake out your beach towels away from the crowds. Also pick up all of the trash and ensure you leave your space clean for the next visitor.

Visiting a San Diego beach is a wonderful way to spend a beautiful day outdoors, and following these few simple tips will help ensure you have an amazing visit.

For more beach tips or to secure a room for your San Diego stay, reach out to the Pacific Inn San Diego. Our recently remodeled rooms are comfortable and spacious, we offer free Wi-Fi, and always have fresh tea and coffee brewing. You can also count on quick booking, no booking fee, and the best rate guaranteed. Speak with a Reservation Manager at 1-800-571-2933 and reserve your room today!

Where to Go Wine Tasting in Baja


Top Spots for Wine Tasting in Baja California

If you’re in San Diego for any length of time and love wine, you may want to venture further afield to the Baja peninsula in Mexico, less than an hour to the south of San Diego. There, the Guadalupe Valley (Valle de Guadalupe) is a prime wine-producing region with over 100 wineries and bottles that rival California’s Central Coast. Leading San Diego Airport hotel, Pacific Inn Hotel & Suites, suggests the following wineries.

Vinas de Garza, Rancho Mogorcito

Towards the middle of Route 3 that runs between Ensenada and Tecate, you’ll find Rancho Mogorcito, where Vinas de Garza offers a stunning wine tasting experience with the flavor of true Mexico. While only in business since 2003, the Garza winery has become a top destination on the Ruta del Vino in Baja. While well known for their wide selection of flavorful red blends, they also offer a white blend and a Chardonnay. No reservations are required for groups less than eight people, and a flight will set you back just $8-12.

Bibayoff Vinos, Rancho Toros Pintos

When you first see the classic onion domes on the sign for Bibayoff, you may be tempted to think, “What? Russian wines?” But while the Bibayoff winery has technically only been in business since 1992, the family has been growing grapes in the region for over a half century. The winery is run by descendants of Russian immigrants and the tasting room reflects a funky mix of Russian art and rustic Mexican thrifty chic. Bibayoff offers a couple of signature wines: a Chenin Blanc/Columbard/Muscat blend and a Nebbiolo that is a perennial favorite. Their romantic tasting room is open Tuesday-Sunday, 10am-4pm and pricing varies.

Adobe Guadalupe, El Porvenir

While LA Cetto and Santo Thomas have the biggest commercial business, Adobe Guadalupe is making a name for itself with serious oenophiles and gourmet chefs across Mexico and Southern California. Not only do they grow their own grapes, but they raise Azteca horses and run a gorgeous, serene inn as well. The wines, tasted in a brick room adjoining the barrels, are all named for angels, and they are truly heavenly, particularly the red blends. Tastings are available with tour by reservation most days of the week, or without a reservation (minus the tour) for about $10.

Emeve, El Porvenir

Just up the road from Adobe Guadalupe, Emeve offers a perfect counterpoint from the same wine maker. There, you can sit on their little stone patio and gaze out at the vineyards or cluster around their indoor bar to learn about their one-of-a-kind Viogniers, Grenache and red blends, including their signature Los Nietos. Bring your own snack or enjoy their special cheese covered in a charred pepper crust, which stands up nicely to their full-bodied wines. Their schedule changes with the seasons, so check ahead for tasting hours. Three full pours can be had in their flights for about $12, and you can pick from a variety of combinations.

It’s best to plan on paying with cash in Baja, and businesses there all accept both pesos and American dollars. You can enter Mexico at a number of points, but to get to the Guadalupe Valley, it may be easiest to cross at Tecate and follow the signs to Ensenda once in Mexico. Once on the road to Ensenada, you’ll see plenty of signage to the Ruta del Vino. If you don’t want to drive yourself, there are frequent wine tasting tours by bus from San Diego. Just don’t forget to bring your passport to re-enter the US.

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Things San Diego Does Better Than Anywhere Else


The Best Things in San Diego

Next time you visit the vibrant city of San Diego, indulge in some unique experiences that you can only find here. In fact, before even booking a cheap SAN hotel, take a moment to think about the one-of-a-kind things San Diego does better than anywhere else.

1. Craft Beer Tasting
San Diego is home to 90 craft breweries—yes, 90–which surely makes it a destination for all beer lovers. Come and explore as many as you can by taking a brewery tour and sampling delicious local beers.

2. Growing Wildflowers
If you are in San Diego during spring, the drive to Carlsbad is worth the breathtaking sight. The Flower Fields of Carlsbad boast 50 acres of ranunculus flowers every spring. This unique attraction is a must-see for all nature lovers and makes for a very romantic (and cheap) date.

3. Ghost Tours
Believe it or not, San Diego has several nationally known haunted locales. You can explore the landmark Hotel del Coronado at night, cruise through the Whaley House in Old Town, drive down Proctor Valley Road, or take a guided ghost tour to learn more about the paranormal activities in the city.

4. Fish Tacos
San Diego restaurants and taco shops truly offer the best tasting fish tacos in the region, hands down. Check out a few local “Best of” lists to narrow down your search for the tastiest.

5. International Shopping
You can actually enjoy shopping in Mexico just by walking across the Mexican border and traveling to Tijuana from San Diego. The dollar goes further there and you can usually find some one-of-a-kind items. Apart from the quaint boutiques and craft stalls, you will also find a huge premium outlet just this side of the boarder.

6. Whale watching
Take a boat ride and watch giant gray whales migrate from December to April, and watch Blue whales migrate from mid-June through September. These giant creatures migrate from Alaska every year to spend time in the warm waters of San Diego and Baja. You can also watch them from land at the Cabrillo National Monument.

7. Food and Wine Festivals
Thanks to the accommodating weather, San Diego hosts food and wine festivals frequently throughout the year. The San Diego Food and Wine Festival is by far the biggest celebration, where festivalgoers enjoy sampling regional cuisine and wine, meeting celebrity chefs, and participating in workshops.

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San Diego’s Best Easter Brunches


Where to Eat Easter Brunch in San Diego

You don’t need to be religious to enjoy a little family time at Easter Brunch. Whether you’re looking for something fancy to impress your significant other or a kid-friendly option for the little ones, one of these San Diego Easter Brunches has what you want.

Hotel del Coronado
9am to 4pm

Just across the bay from a handful of affordable SDCC hotels, the Hotel del Coronado is offering an Easter Champagne Brunch in their oceanfront Ballroom and Crown Room. There will be a special buffet for children, and the adults will be served classic brunch food. There will be live music in both rooms, and the hotel is hosting other Easter-related events like egg hunts and visits from the Easter Bunny. Admission is $82.50 for adults and $35 for children 6 -10. Children 5 and under eat for free.

The Westgate Hotel
10am to 3pm

The Westgate Hotel is offering their traditional Easter Champagne Brunch. There will be made-to-order omelets, fresh seafood, carving stations, and rich desserts. There will also be a face painter, and the Easter Bunny is scheduled to visit. Admission is $69 per adult and $29 per child under 12.

US Grant
10:30am to 2pm

The US Grant, a leading San Diego hotel downtown, is serving its Easter Champagne Brunch Buffet. It will include prime meats, seafood, salads, breakfast foods, homemade pastries and more. There will also be live music and visits from the Easter Bunny. Reservations are required.

Hornblower Brunch Cruises
11am to 1pm and 12 to 2pm

Hornblower is offering two brunch options, both of which include a two-hour cruise of the San Diego Bay. They also offer complimentary champagne, a private table, seasonal dishes, and lots of deserts. There will also be a narrated tour of San Diego and a chance to get one’s picture taken with the Easter Bunny. Tickets range from $63 to $83.

Belmont Park
9am to 1pm at WaveHouse
9am to 3pm at Draft

Belmont Park’s “Easter Bash” includes brunches at two seaside restaurants, WaveHouse and Draft. WaveHouse is offering a buffet, while Draft is having a plated brunch. The brunches will include fancy breakfast dishes, salads, sandwiches and desserts. The bash also includes multiple egg hunts and a visit from the Easter Bunny.

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Flying Solo in San Diego? Try These 8 Activities


Fun Activities for Solo Travelers in San Diego

There are few cities in the U.S. that are as perfect for solo travel as San Diego. From the friendly locals to the huge selection of activities and events, folks flying solo to SD are sure to have fun, meet new people, and feel safe while doing both.

1. Sign Up for a Cooking Class at Hipcooks

Meet some new friends while learning to cook some delightful dishes at the same time. Classes are reasonably priced at $60 and include a wide range of options, from Cajun cuisine to flavorful Japanese favorites. You have to sign up for classes in advance, so you’ll want to be sure to book a class as soon as your travel plans are confirmed.

2. Browse the Boutique Shops or People Watch on Kettner Boulevard

If you’re staying at a hotel in San Diego’s Little Italy, do a little browsing and maybe a little shopping, too. You’ll discover an eclectic selection of boutique shops on Kettner Boulevard offering everything from contemporary furniture and fashion accessories to affordable wall art and unique collectables. Or, you can head over to 98 Bottles, Kettner Exchange, or Waterfront to partake in some local craft beer while doing a little people watching.

3. Buy a Club Crawl San Diego Ticket

Immerse yourself in some of the top clubs in San Diego’s iconic Gaslamp Quarter by buying a ticket for the SD Club Crawl. For $25, you get access to four clubs in one night, all of which are walking distance to several Gaslamp hotels in San Diego. You’ll also make new friends and might even find some other solo travelers.

4. Kayak Along the San Diego Coast

Looking for some solo adventure in SD? You can conveniently rent a kayak and any other supplies you need around at almost any waterfront area or in Seaport Village. La Jolla is noted for its caves, but you can pretty much kayak anywhere along the SD coast. La Jolla is also a good spot to grab lunch or relax in the sun.

5. Take the Winery Train Tour

A typical tour includes stops at various SD wineries, some tasty samples, a light lunch, prizes and games, some background info on San Diego and its association with the wine industry, wine making tips, a look at the wine making process and a casual train ride through one of the most scenic regions on the West Coast. The guides are friendly and knowledgeable, so you definitely get your money’s worth.

6. Run, Walk or Jog in and Around the City

There’s no better way to explore SD on your own than to take advantage of the many trails and pathways throughout the city. Run along the embarcadero and see Seaport Village, jog through Balboa Park to explore the cultural heart of the city, or hit the boardwalk and grab a drink at a beachfront bar after.

7. Visit Spanish Village in Balboa Park

If you’re on your own in San Diego, consider a visit to the collection of artisan shops in Balboa Park known as Spanish Village where you’re free to take your time browsing and chatting with the friendly craftspeople. You’ll find a bunch of handmade trinkets and other goodies that can serve as a reminder of your trip to SD.

8. Stop By the San Diego Museum of Art

Since you’re visiting on your own, you’re free to take as long as you wish to soak up the sights, ask questions to the courteous staff members or even chat with artists who may be on-site setting up their exhibits. The museum also hosts special events throughout the year, including Art Alive every spring.

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The 6 Types of San Diegan’s You’ll Meet During Your Visit


San Diego's Top Personalities

San Diego entices people from all over the world, turning the city into a mini melting pot of unique personas and eclectic characters. Here’s a look at six types of people you’ll see around the city that help give San Diego its je ne sais quoi.

Fitness Fanatic Guy

There’s not an ounce of fat in this guy’s diet and none on him either. He’s the hunk you saw running through Torrey Pines in the morning and again in the evening. He’s also frequently spotted jogging along the embarcadero near SDCC hotels and over the convention center stairs.

Surfer Dude

Surfer Dudes are ubiquitous in San Diego, hanging out everywhere from Ponto Beach and Leucadia to Bird Rock and Ocean Beach. Chances are, he owns a chocolate Lab, a pickup truck or SUV, and his own biz that lets him catch waves whenever he wants. He feels a little nervous about that “No Kooks” t-shirt, though, because he’s secretly from Jersey and has done his fair share of dropping in on people who grew up here.

Yogis and Crossfitters

With a yoga studio, crossfit studio, or free yoga meet-up group on almost every corner in San Diego, they’re pretty easy to spot. Yoga pants and green juice are a way of life, and they will happily engage anyone, anytime, anywhere on all things related to health and fitness.

Student Transplant

San Diego County has five big universities, half a dozen or so junior colleges, and tons of technical schools, making the student transplant a very popular species in the city. They’re most often spotted between Pacific Beach and Mission Beach, or partying it up at Gaslamp Quarter hotels. We don’t really need to say more, you’ll know this type when you see them.

Fun Baby Boomers

They grew up here or migrated in the ’70s because they felt trapped in their hometown. Now that the kids are out of the house, they’re making up for lost time and can often be spotted out and about on the weekends at the best restaurants, newest bars, or even dancing at the club. The barely-legal youngsters roll their eyes, not realizing the fun baby boomers give more business to the establishment than them and all their friends combined.

Young Immortals

They have perpetual tans, perfect white teeth, great hair, and new cars. You can’t quite figure out where these people get their money from, but they’ve got a lot of it and love to spend it on liquor and luxury items. They’re usually the ones ordering rounds, expensive champagne, sporting a new Gucci bag every month, and partying until the sun comes up.

San Diego wouldn’t be San Diego without its many distinctive residents from all walks of life. Want to experience the San Diego charm for yourself? Reserve a room at the Pacific Inn Hotel & Suites in San Diego and come see what we mean. We have 24/7 customer service, a great location, and even better rates. Call us at 1-800-571-2933 and a Reservation Manager can help you book a room today.

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