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What Will Happen to the San Diego Chargers Now That They Don’t Get a New Stadium?


On November 8, 2016, San Diego voters said they would not build the San Diego Chargers football team a new downtown stadium. Just seven days later, Mayor Kevin Faulconer sat down with team officials, including owner Dean Spanos, to discuss what the team might do now. Neither party would make any comments after the meeting concluded. If you plan on staying in a Little Italy hotel after the new year, you will learn what the Chargers plan to do next.

Available Options

The Chargers have several options open to them. Spanos says that he will not make a public statement until after the regular season concludes when the Chargers play the Kansas City Chiefs on New Year’s Day. He also says that team officials are weighing each option very carefully.

Continue at Qualcomm

The Chargers have several seasons remaining on their contract with Qualcomm Stadium. They aren’t in any hurry to make a final decision if they do not want to make one. Although Qualcomm is an older stadium, playing there has been a good deal for the Chargers. Instead of paying rent as their contact with the city entails, thanks to the ADA settlement money in 2013, the city actually ended up paying the team $3.3 million dollars.

Move to Los Angeles

Another option that the Chargers will want to weigh is moving to Los Angeles. While NFL owners have already voted to OK this action if the team chooses, Commissioner Roger Goodell has said that he strongly favors the Chargers staying in the San Diego market. Moving to Los Angeles is a viable option because the team could share the new football stadium that is already being constructed there.

Finance Private Stadium

Now that voters have refused to help build a new stadium for the Chargers in downtown San Diego, Spanos could choose to finance a new stadium privately. In the past, he has said that if he has to pay for a new stadium it will not be in Mission Valley. He has, however, left open the possibility of building it elsewhere in the San Diego region.

New Home

The NFL owners must approve any move made by the team. There are several cities that have publically said that they would like to have a team including Louisville, Kentucky, Little Rock, Arkansas, and Honolulu, Hawaii. The most likely city, however, would be San Antonio, Texas.

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How to Stay Safe When Traveling to Tijuana


When you come to San Diego, make the most of your trip by journeying over the border. Just remember to keep the following safety tips in mind when you go so you can truly enjoy your time.

Stick to Popular Tourist Areas

You may want to explore the outskirts of Tijuana and become friendly with the locals, but straying from popular tourist areas can cause you to go off the grid and increase your chances of getting lost. Stick to the bars, clubs and hotels where you are sure to find people who can guide you around the area.

Don’t Show Off Your Bling

Wearing a high-end watch or your favorite designer sunglasses can make you a target for theft, which is why it’s important to avoid showing off your pricy technology and jewelry. Try to blend in with the locals and keep your cash hidden in your sock or in your bra to avoid getting pickpocketed while you’re on the street.

Make Copies of Important Documents

Make copies of your passport, ID and visa to ensure that you have the papers on hand if they’re lost or stolen during your trip. You can email the documents to yourself or store them on a cloud to help you easily access the information so you don’t get stranded in Tijuana.

Avoid Drug Use

Many people head to TJ to party and have a bit of crazy fun, which can often involve drug use. Avoid illegal activity while spending time in Tijuana as this can make you vulnerable to unsavory types or land you in the hospital. Drug use can also cause you to end up in jail for several days, so try not to party too hard.

Don’t Go Out at Night

Tijuana is best explored during the daytime when the crime rates are the lowest and more people are out. Once the sun begins to go down, head back to your downtown San Diego hotel. You also want to travel in a group and avoid visiting the city alone, as there is safety in numbers.

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Fun Events Coming to Downtown San Diego This December


If you’re lucky enough to find an affordable downtown San Diego hotel room during your stay in America’s Finest City this December, be sure to check out the following upcoming events.

SD Bay Parade of Lights

This annual holiday tradition is held in the San Diego Bay where over 80 boats will entertain the crowds lining the shore of Seaport Village. Each boat will feature Christmas lights and will fit within the theme of “It Began with a Roar – San Diego Zoo Celebrates 100 Years.” The event is scheduled for December 11 and 18 and is free to watch.

2016 SONO Fest & Chili Cookoff

Eat to your heart’s content at the 2016 SONO Fest & Chili Cookoff on December 4 where you can indulge in spicy chili, visit a beer garden and watch live performances by local bands. Food trucks will also offer various types of cuisine from local eateries that you can sample. Tasting passes are $20 each, the proceeds of which will benefit McKinley Elementary School. Kids are welcome to take part in the fun by taking part in carnival games and bounce houses.

Little Italy Tree Lighting and Christmas Village

Kick off the holiday season with local Italians in the city by visiting India Street where over 1,000 gorgeous poinsettias will adorn the area with other festive Christmas decor. Spectators can purchase snacks, listen to live music and participate in holiday crafts. The tree will be lit at 5:30pm during this annual event that is free to attend for both children and adults.

Coronado Christmas Parade and Open House

Celebrate the Christmas season on December 2 by attending a parade in Coronado where festive floats will pass by excited kids and their families. Santa Claus and a few of his elves will also make an appearance as he waves to the crowds to incite some holiday cheer. The procession will also include fire trucks, police officers, cheerleaders and Christmas carolers who bring extra cheer to the island.

December is a magical time to visit San Diego. Gain easy access to these and other winter events around the city when you book your stay at Pacific Inn in Little Italy. Our budget-friendly hotel offers flexible dates, quick and easy booking and convenient amenities to help you feel at home. Call 619-232-6391 today or click here to make your reservation with us.

How You Should Prepare Your Car for Long-Term Airport Parking


While shopping around for last minute hotel deals for your trip to San Diego, you should also consider what to do with your vehicle while you’re away. If you plan on using the airport parking lot to store your car or truck while you’re away, you will need to prepare for long-term vehicle storage. Read on to learn how.

Remove Items

Thieves who want to break into cars often look through the windows of vehicles in an attempt to see if there’s anything valuable to steal. Make it a point to remove valuable items that will give thieves an excuse to break in. You can also cover up items in the backseat with a towel to make them difficult to see. It’s also important to remove documents from the glove compartment or center console to prevent the information from being passed on to thieves. Be vigilant when it comes to removing everything from the inside of the car, which includes loose change or phone chargers.

Protect Your Vehicle from the Elements

One of the most important steps to leaving your vehicle at the airport for an extended period of time is to protect it from environmental elements. Leave the car in a garage or on a lot that is covered to prevent damage from occurring to the car’s body due to heavy rain, snow or even intense sunlight it’s exposed to while you’re away. If the car is left outdoors, consider investing in a durable cover that can be placed on the vehicle and will keep it clean and less exposed to the elements.

Take the Car in for an Inspection

Your car needs to be looked at by a mechanic to have the oil changed and ensure that the battery is fully charged before you leave it for several weeks or months at the airport. You’ll also need to repair any structural damage that can be exacerbated by both hot and cold weather.

Inspect It When You Return

Once you start your car again after leaving it for a long period of time, check the wiper fluid to ensure that you can clean the windshield. You’ll also need to check the tire pressure with a gauge that is kept in your glove compartment to avoid getting a flat.

When you follow these simple steps, you can strike another worry from the list and enjoy your vacation in downtown San Diego. Remember to make your reservation at Pacific Inn near Little Italy to really get into the vacation spirit. Our affordable hotel offers friendly customer service and easy access to some of San Diego’s finest attractions. Call 619-232-6391 today to make your reservation over the phone.

San Diego to Add New Public Space in Downtown


San Diego will soon become even more accommodating to residents and visitors alike thanks to a dynamic new public space. The Office of James Burnett, a local landscape architecture firm, is coordinating efforts with the San Diego Parks and Recreation Department to transform empty lots in the East Village neighborhood into East Village Green, a proposed 4.1-acre park near hotels in San Diego.

Designed to serve as an inviting gathering spot in a rapidly growing residential neighborhood, the three-phase project will include a pedestrian plaza. Developers see it as ideal for farmers markets, neighborhood festivals and fairs, and other community events. It makes the most of limited public space and serves as a complement to Fault Line Park on Island Avenue, which opened to the public in 2015.

The new public space is part of a gradual transformation of the neighborhood from an arts and industrial district to more of a go-to destination for recreational and community activities. The neighborhood is already home to an assortment of popular gathering spots such as Petco Park and a new library.

The redeveloped site will also include a basketball half-court, community center with meeting rooms, kids’ play area, reading room, and a performance pavilion. An off-leash dog park will be coupled with a pet-friendly dining area.

In keeping with the city’s reputation for embracing eco-friendly designs, East Village Green will include drought-resistant landscape features and a storm water cistern. The developers had to employ some creative design solutions to deal with dramatic elevation shifts and seismic faults.

The project is the result of a series of compromises and a combination of suggested plans and visions for the neighborhood. Ultimately, it will be a versatile public space designed to serve a variety of functions. The Office of James Burnett has earned recognition for successfully completing similar public park projects in other communities across the country.

You too can enjoy this public space after it’s built when you stay at Pacific Inn in Little Italy. Our convenient downtown San Diego location is perfect for guests who want to see the best that America’s Finest City has to offer, including SeaWorld, Balboa Park and the San Diego Zoo. Call 619-232-6391 to book your stay with us today.

8 Fun Historic Facts About Little Italy


When you stay in Petco Park hotels, you get the chance to visit a more historic neighborhood in downtown San Diego. Little Italy is a quaint and charming community that dates back to the early 1900s. Below are some interesting historic facts about the suburb that might interest you.

1. It Has the First Downtown Fire Station

The first fire station in downtown San Diego is located in Little Italy and has earned a historic status after 100 years. It now operates as a museum and is open to the public.

2. It Was Home to Italian Families

Over 6,000 Italian families once lived in Little Italy at one time, many of which opened family-run businesses and restaurants.

3. The Neighborhood Is Run by an Association

Little Italy is currently run by The Little Italy Association, which is composed of 29 members and was established in 1996 to oversee the development of the location to ensure that it thrives.

4. It Began as a Fishing Neighborhood

Little Italy started out as a fishing community for immigrants who came to the U.S. Things have changed a lot since then, but you can still order some delicious seafood here.

5. Romantic Tile Is Installed at Café Zucchero

There’s engraved tile still present at Cafe Zucchero where a local resident installed the flooring material as a sign of love for his wife. When visiting the eatery, customers can get a glimpse of the original tile near the register.

6. The Chef Is Dressed as a Bear at Cow By Bear

Customers who dine at pop-up restaurant Cow By Bear can enjoy being served a five-course meal while also getting a glimpse of the chef in the kitchen, who is always dressed in a bear costume.

7. The Plants Mirror Each Season

The landscapers in Little Italy plant trees and flowers that are specific for each season. Plants are changed and repotted each month to reflect summer, fall, winter and spring.

8. Italian Sayings and Recipes Are Engraved on Bronze Plaques

Visit Amici Park and walk to India Street to view a number of bronze plaques that feature Italian proverbs and quotes from businesses that have been present for several decades.

Get a taste of historic Little Italy when you stay at Pacific Inn near downtown San Diego. Our budget-friendly hotel offers affordable rooms, friendly customer service and easy access to popular neighborhoods like Little Italy, Seaport Village and the Gaslamp Quarter. Click here or call 619-232-6391 today to make your reservation.

5 Upcoming Downtown San Diego Events in November


When San Diego tourists stay in hotels near Petco Park, they have the chance to take part in some of the best events downtown San Diego has to offer. Following are five can’t-miss events coming up this November.

1. Union Bank Fallback Festival

The fall season is the perfect time to get outdoors and hop on an old-fashioned hay ride or pan for gold at a festival that will take you back in time to the days of the old west. This annual event is free to attend in the Gaslamp Quarter and will offer two stages of entertainment. Guests can also saddle up for a pony ride or watch a show that features plenty of cowboys.

2. San Diego Brewers Guild Festival

Bottoms up at the San Diego Brewers Guild Festival at the Broadway Pier, which kicks off Beer Week and will allow you to sample beer from 60 different breweries. For $40 per person, you can sample unlimited food from food trucks and restaurants will also be served.

3. The Sound of Music

Sing along with Maria as she performs “My Favorite Things” at an award-winning Broadway performance at the Civic Theatre. The story of the von Trapp Family will mesmerize both children and adults at a show that features stunning costumes and sets. Tickets start at $25 per person.

4. San Diego Veteran’s Day Parade

The San Diego Veteran’s Day Parade is a beautiful tribute to our freedom in the U.S. and allows locals and visitors to gather together to watch elaborately decorated floats and American flags pass through the streets. The event will be hosted on November 11 on Harbor Drive where veterans are honored for their service. The event is free for visitors to attend.

5. John Cleese and Eric Idle

Get ready to laugh at a John Cleese and Eric Idle comedy reunion where the famed English performers will have a long list of jokes ready to dish out to the audience. The tour is unique because no two shows are alike, making it easy to enjoy the natural humor of the two comedians. Tickets start at $62 per person, but tickets are selling fast.

Before you plan out your itinerary, be sure to make your reservation at Pacific Inn in Little Italy. Our budget-friendly hotel offers comfortable rooms, convenient amenities and quick and easy book. Just call 619-232-6391 today to book with a friendly Reservation Manager.

4 Can’t-Miss Halloween Parties in San Diego


People staying in Little Italy hotels have some amazing opportunities this October. In addition to staying in America’s Finest City, San Diego tourists can attend some of the hottest Halloween parties in town. Check them out below.

1. Haunted Hotel San Diego Halloween

The 5th annual Haunted Hotel San Diego Halloween bash is one of the hottest parties in the city where six different DJs will be getting the party started at the W Hotel on October 29. Choose between two elaborately decorated rooms where all the hottest musical hits of the year will be played and complimentary glow toys will be handed out to the crowd. General admission is $30-75 per person and costumes are required.

2. San Diego Zombie Crawl 2016

The San Diego Zombie Crawl welcomes costumed guests to take over the Gaslamp Quarter on Friday and Saturday of Halloween weekend for one of the most anticipated events of the year. For $15 per person, you can your friends can attend an exclusive opening party at FLUXX and gain free admission to over 25 different nightclubs and bars in the Gaslamp Quarter. Fifteen hosted drinks will also be served before you are sent off to other clubs where you can enjoy other creepy concoctions.

3. BBW Club Catalina’s 3rd Annual Halloween Boo Bash

As the hottest party in Mission Valley, the Boo Bash will host costume contests and scavenger hunts at the Crowne Plaza Hotel & Resort from October 20-23. Guests can meet with different vendors to get treats, indulge in a pizza party, or participate in a booty shaking contest. Cash prizes will be awarded to those who impress the judges with their costumes and dancing skills. Tickets are $50 for both nights of the club, but you’d better hurry and get your tickets before prices change.

4. Black Pearl – The Haunted Mansion on the Water Halloween

Celebrate Halloween on the water on a creepy midnight cruise where guests can mingle and dance on a luxury yacht. The Black Pearl welcomes guests, if they dare, to visit an open bar or dance the night away on one of three decks where DJs will play Top 40 music during the three-hour event. Tickets start at $69 for those willing to board this haunted vessel.

While planning your costume and choosing which parties you want to attend, remember to book your stay at Pacific Inn in downtown San Diego. Our convenient location puts guests in the center of all the amazing events and attractions San Diego has to offer. Additionally, we offer 24/7 customer service, convenient amenities and a best rate guarantee. Go online or call 619-232-6391 today to check for availability.

Why Was the Padres’ General Manager Suspended?


If you’re staying in downtown San Diego hotels in the hopes of seeing the Padres play, you still can despite the scandal surrounding their general manager. The San Diego Padres’ general manager A.J. Preller was recently suspended for a month following an investigation that discovered that he mishandled health data and disclosure with trades that were conducted. The investigation took over a month to complete after Drew Pomeranz was sent to the Red Sox and his medical information was not disclosed during the transaction. Preller’s suspension without pay finally took place after the acquisition of Anderson Espinoza. The Padres were also fined an undisclosed amount of money by the MLB in addition to the suspension. Preller has stated publically that he “accepts full responsibility” but has claimed, “There was no malicious intent to conceal information or disregard MLB’s recommended guidelines.”

Peter Seidler, team president Mike Dee, and the Padres team continue to fully support Preller publically as he remains in charge of the baseball ops department. Although general managers are rarely fired after two years of working for a team, his position may be at stake due to other infractions that include the payroll splurge during the offseason of 2014-15 and the lack of recent movements with trades. Many people consider the suspension to be a slap on the wrist for a serious ethical breach that allows the Padres to have a competitive advantage by causing their players to look healthier. Others argue that appropriate disciplinary action would call for the team to surrender their draft picks and become restricted in the international market.

The timing of the suspension has had minimum impact on the team due to their being others near Preller’s role that can fulfill his responsibilities for the time being. Once he returns, he will begin making final roster moves to prepare for the offseason. Some have also assumed that Preller’s return could mean having difficulty rivaling executives on trades in the near future.

Even if you don’t catch a Padres game during your visit to San Diego, there are still plenty of exciting things to do in downtown San Diego. Just remember to make reservations at a budget-friendly hotel in Little Italy like Pacific Inn. Our affordable hotel offers friendly 24-hour customer service, convenient amenities and quick and easy booking. Click here to book online now or call 619-232-6391 today to talk to a friendly Reservation Manager.

Keeping Kids Safe While on Vacation


San Diego Little Italy hotels are the perfect place for families to stay when visiting America’s Finest City. However, parents should still err on the side of caution to prevent any mishaps with the kiddos. Following are few ways to keep your kid safe on vacation.

Use a Safety Leash

Most children are prone to running wild while visiting an amusement park or spending time in a downtown area, making it important to use a leash to keep your kid in tow. Although the product may make you feel like you’re walking your pet, it will prevent your child from getting lost in a crowd.

Scan Your Hotel Room

After checking into your hotel, look around the room that you’ve booked to look for dangerous items that may threaten the safety of your child. Cords on blinds can cause strangulation and shower doors may not be secure.

Avoid Seating Your Child on the Aisle

Keep your children safe by placing them in the middle or window seat on a plane to avoid an injury that can occur when someone walks by or when the serving cart that comes through. If they use a car seat on the plane, check to see that it’s smaller than 16-inches wide and is FAA approved.

Update Your Child’s Immunizations

Before you depart on a trip, schedule an appointment with your doctor to get your child up-to-date on his or her immunizations to prevent diseases while visiting a new location. You can also visit the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Travel Information site to stay updated on any warnings for travelers who are visiting specific parts of the world.

Scour Playgrounds

Prevent an injury on the playground by looking for dangers that may include protrusions, sharp edges, or places where kids are at risk of falling. You’ll also want to examine the slides and different parts of the jungle gym to determine if everything is cleaned and maintained well. The playground should also be age-appropriate for your child to ensure that they remain safe and aren’t too heavy or small for the equipment.

When you implement these rules, you and the kids are sure to have a lot of fun in San Diego. Just remember to make your reservation at a family-friendly hotel like Pacific Inn near Little Italy. Our affordable hotel offers comfortable accommodations, friendly customer service, and a best rate guarantee. Just call a friendly Reservation Manager at 619-232-6391 today to book your stay with us.

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