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Daily USS Midway Tours

The USS Midway Tours Offer a One-of-a-Kind Experience

The USS Midway is one of the top historical attractions in San Diego. Conveniently located along the San Diego Harbor in downtown, we encourage visitors to stop by the USS Midway and take one of the tours of the ship.

The USS Midway tour is an audio tour that is included in the price of general admission. At the dock, there are kiosks where visitors can purchase tickets. From here, visitors can walk up the ramp and stairs to the main level of the ship. Once on the main level, there will be stands where you can pick up your audio clicker and headphones.

Exhibits and Firsthand Demonstrations

There are more than 60 exhibits as part of the USS Midway tour. Each exhibit is numbered, allowing you to go in any order that you choose. Simply go to the exhibit you want to learn about, enter the number into your clicker, press play, and you will hear a narration through your headphones.

The exhibits are broken up into two main groups. The first section, exhibits 1-12 take visitors through the sleeping quarters, cabins and other areas inside the ship. After, you can walk upstairs onto the top deck and learn more about how the boat was controlled. On the deck, there are also several planes, some of which you can climb up and sit in, as if you were a pilot. Similar to the other exhibits, the planes are also numbered so you will be able to learn about their history, their former pilots and what they were used for in battle.

Also on the deck are demonstrations and lectures that are put on by volunteers of the USS Midway. These individuals have great knowledge and passion for the historic aircraft carrier and retell stories of how one would expect life to be on the Midway. Simply take a seat and listen to what the guides have to say to round out your tour of the USS Midway.

Stay Within a Few Minutes of the USS Midway

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