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The Green Build Initiative

San Diego Airport’s Green Build Initiative

Travelers arriving into and departing from the San Diego International Airport may notice that it isn’t what is was a couple years ago.  With projections showing that the airport would likely experience an increase in traffic in the coming years, the airport created plans of expansion focused around sustainability. Referred to as the Green Build Initiative, the San Diego Airport’s $1 billion project serves the dual purpose of efficiently accommodating more visitors while reducing the environmental impact that comes with increased travelers. An added goal of the Green Build is to support and sustain the local San Diego community.

The major changes that were added during the Green Build include the expansion of Terminal 2. In Terminal 2 there are 10 new gates, additional aircraft parking, a dual level roadway, an expanded concessions area and more security lanes. The added gates, parking, roadway and security lanes all allow passengers to get on and off their flights faster and more conveniently. With extra plane parking and a separate drop-off and pick-up areas, there has also been a decrease in plane and vehicle emissions, which has bettered the air quality for the area near the airport.

Inside the renovated Terminal 2, there are 32 more concessions, most of which are local San Diego businesses featuring locally grown and produced products.  Some of these concessions include the Ciao Gourmet Market, Craft Beers on 30th St., Bay Books, Jer’s Chocolates and Jewelry by Samantha Davimes. The additional concessions in Terminal 2 have also created more than 1,000 jobs to local San Diegans.

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