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Are you planning a trip to San Diego to support a family member at Family Day or Graduation Day at MCRD San Diego? The Pacific Inn offers affordable rates and comfortable accommodations, which are ideal for families and groups. Our hotel is conveniently located only 3 miles from MCRD and 2 miles from the San Diego Airport. If you are looking for hotels near MCRD San Diego, the Pacific Inn is the perfect hotel for the families of graduating Marines.

Stay Close to the Recruit Depot in Downtown San Diego

The Marine Corps Recruit Depot in San Diego, also known as the MCRD, is located between Interstate 5 and San Diego Bay. It serves as the basic training facility for newly enlisted marines who live west of the Mississippi River. With over 21,000 recruits training there yearly, MCRD is one of the most important training facilities in the U.S. The Western Recruiting Region’s Drill Instruction School and the Marine Corp’s Recruiter School are also located at the MCRD.

The MCRD was commissioned in 1921 and subsequently became the first recruiting center on the west coast in 1923. During World War II, the influx of recruits reached an amazing peak of 18,000 recruits in one month. In 1948, it was officially named the Marine Corps Recruit Depot San Diego.

Recruit training for the United States Marines is not only a strenuous, arduous, exacting experience, it is also a period of psychological readjustment. Recruits are cut off from families and the civilian world in general. It is a period of adaptation to a strict, disciplined Marine Corps life.

During the thirteen week training period, U.S. Marine drill instructors train recruits with a vigorous schedule of training and adaptation. The long, intensive schedule includes martial arts, weaponry, close order drill, personal hygiene and Marine Corps history. In addition, Marine recruits must achieve high marksmanship standards with an M16A4 military service rifle.

Physical fitness is a priority and recruits are put through an exhausting but necessary exercise and physical fitness regimen. At the end, each recruit must adhere to and be able to pass a rigid physical fitness test. Testing includes combat-oriented swimming and a simulated combat exercise requiring superior performance in a 54 hour experience called the “Crucible.”

If you are looking for an affordable place to stay in San Diego near the MCRD, the Pacific Inn is the ideal choice for families of graduating Marines. To make a reservation, call 1-800-571-2933 or use our quick and easy reservation form to check rates and availability.

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