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How to Get out of your Parent’s Holiday Guestroom


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In-laws, you love to hate ‘em. The holidays can be especially trying when your parents invite you and your family to stay in their extra guest bedroom for the weekend. But don’t worry, we’re going to help you respectfully get out of it so that you can actually enjoy your trip in the comfort of a quality, yet cheap San Diego hotel room.

We understand that your parents’ hearts are in the right place and that respectfully declining their invitation can be a tricky situation. All you need to do is remember why you’re trying to weasel your way out of staying in a musky and overly-floral guest room in the first place.

  1. No privacy.

    There is no place for un-awkward intimacy when you’re staying in your parent’s guestroom. Booking a room at the nearby Pacific Inn would allow you to be within driving distance of their home while also enjoying the romance of an affordable Jacuzzi Suite.

  2. Familiarity breeds contempt.

    Sometime spending that much time in confined quarters with extended family can be difficult and leads to tension or arguments. Having somewhere to detox and spend time alone is crucial and can make the time you do spend together much more enjoyable and worthwhile.

  3. House rules.

    When you’re staying with your parents or your in-laws, sometimes grandma and grandpa take on the parenting role, trying to govern over you and your children. Be sure to establish your ground by informing parents what is and isn’t appropriate for your children.

  4. Freedom.

    You may feel obligated to do everything according to your parent’s time table instead of being able to schedule your own trips. Getting a hotel room will allow you the freedom to plan out your vacation as desired. Prioritize time with family but also allow yourself the opportunity to enjoy the San Diego sights like the world-famous Zoo and some of the beautiful San Diego beaches.

When it comes time to let the ‘rents know you’ll be staying at a hotel close by, just inform them that while you appreciate their offer, you didn’t want your family to overstay their welcome and that you need some quality time alone with your spouse and children over this holiday vacation. It also wouldn’t hurt if you happened to stop by Horton Plaza mall to pick them up something nice for Christmas.

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