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How to Prevent Stiff Neck During Your Flight


Why wait until you get to Pacific Inn in downtown San Diego to feel comfortable? Many frequent flyers complain about a stiff neck during and even after a flight, but you need not be one of them if you follow some simple tips.

Use a Hot Pack

Since airplanes are always cold, they are the perfect place to use a hot pack. You can find air-activated hot packs at your favorite big-box store. Once the flight begins, open the pack and place it on your neck. It is recommended that you keep a layer of fabric between the hot pack and your skin.

Choose Your Seat

Choose your seat very carefully when booking your flight. The more legroom you have, the less likely your seat will be cramped, so try to get a seat that reclines fully. That way, you can sit in various positions during the flight to help prevent a stiff neck. Try to avoid seats by emergency exits and the restroom because these seats do not fully recline. Aisle seats tend to provide more space.

Stay Hydrated

Staying hydrated during a flight is crucial if you want to avoid a stiff neck. You need to make sure that your body is well hydrated at least a week ahead of time by drinking approximately half your bodyweight in ounces. The added advantage is that you will have to get up during the flight to go to the restroom so you can stretch.

Move Around

While the best way to avoid a stiff neck is to move at least once an hour, that is not always possible because of air turbulence. You can still move by adjusting your body position in the seat. A lot of neck pain actually starts in the feet, so make sure that you are moving your feet regularly. Try to keep your spine as close to the seat’s backrest as possible.

Following these simple steps will leave you feeling great during and after your flight. Even if you need a little shuteye after your flight, you can always rest at Pacific Inn in Little Italy. Our convenient downtown San Diego location enables guests to rest and relax in our affordable rooms before taking on America’s Finest City. Call 619-232-6391 to book your stay with us or visit our website for more information.

How You Should Prepare Your Car for Long-Term Airport Parking


While shopping around for last minute hotel deals for your trip to San Diego, you should also consider what to do with your vehicle while you’re away. If you plan on using the airport parking lot to store your car or truck while you’re away, you will need to prepare for long-term vehicle storage. Read on to learn how.

Remove Items

Thieves who want to break into cars often look through the windows of vehicles in an attempt to see if there’s anything valuable to steal. Make it a point to remove valuable items that will give thieves an excuse to break in. You can also cover up items in the backseat with a towel to make them difficult to see. It’s also important to remove documents from the glove compartment or center console to prevent the information from being passed on to thieves. Be vigilant when it comes to removing everything from the inside of the car, which includes loose change or phone chargers.

Protect Your Vehicle from the Elements

One of the most important steps to leaving your vehicle at the airport for an extended period of time is to protect it from environmental elements. Leave the car in a garage or on a lot that is covered to prevent damage from occurring to the car’s body due to heavy rain, snow or even intense sunlight it’s exposed to while you’re away. If the car is left outdoors, consider investing in a durable cover that can be placed on the vehicle and will keep it clean and less exposed to the elements.

Take the Car in for an Inspection

Your car needs to be looked at by a mechanic to have the oil changed and ensure that the battery is fully charged before you leave it for several weeks or months at the airport. You’ll also need to repair any structural damage that can be exacerbated by both hot and cold weather.

Inspect It When You Return

Once you start your car again after leaving it for a long period of time, check the wiper fluid to ensure that you can clean the windshield. You’ll also need to check the tire pressure with a gauge that is kept in your glove compartment to avoid getting a flat.

When you follow these simple steps, you can strike another worry from the list and enjoy your vacation in downtown San Diego. Remember to make your reservation at Pacific Inn near Little Italy to really get into the vacation spirit. Our affordable hotel offers friendly customer service and easy access to some of San Diego’s finest attractions. Call 619-232-6391 today to make your reservation over the phone.

How to Protect Your Fragile Souvenirs During the Packing Process


Packing fragile souvenirs can seem rather tricky. Items made out of glass, for example, may be particularly intimidating. The reality, however, isn’t that daunting. Before leaving your room at the Pacific Inn San Diego, follow these simple packing tips to protect your souvenirs while in transit.

Use Clothing as Padding

Wrap especially fragile objects using clothing items such as T-shirts, socks, and jeans. Remember, too, that layers are your best friends when it comes to protecting your valuables. People often say that the key to successful packing is packing light, but that isn’t always the case. Packing light can be a recipe for disaster for people who have fragile souvenirs waiting inside of their suitcases. Fill up any gaps with smaller pieces of clothing including undergarments and socks to keep your fragile souvenirs from bumping into each other and breaking.

Wrap Items in Bubble Wrap

Some people like to bring home lovely wine or perfume bottles after fun-filled vacations. The only problem is that these items can be rather fragile. After you return home from a trip, the last thing you want to see is all of your belongings drenched in liquid and covered in glass. You can avoid this nightmare scenario, however, by cautiously and meticulously wrapping any glass items you have in bubble wrap. Once your bottles are fully covered with bubble wrap, put them in the middle section of your suitcase. This placement can offer your items the most secure protection during travel.

Store Objects in Small Boxes

Get some extra protection from boxes. Keep any fragile souvenirs you’re bringing home in tiptop shape by getting durable boxes to put them in. A simple shoebox, for example, can be extremely useful for the packing of fragile items. That doesn’t mean that you can neglect the use of bubble wrap or clothing to protect your items, however. Keep your fragile souvenirs safe and sound by carefully wrapping them and placing them in small boxes.

Buying souvenirs is one of the best parts of traveling to San Diego. Fortunately when you stay at the Pacific Inn, you won’t be far from nearby shopping centers and boutiques in downtown San Diego. Our affordable hotel also offers quick and easy booking, friendly customer service, and convenient amenities to help you make the most of your visit. Make your reservation online or call 1-800-571-2933 today to speak with a friendly Reservation Manager.

Travel Tips for Pet Owners


When you go on vacation, it doesn’t mean your pets have to stay behind. The friendly staff at the San Diego Pacific Inn has some helpful tips for including your furry friend on your trip.

Find Pet-Friendly Accommodations

As soon as you begin planning your trip, you should search for pet-friendly hotels. Accommodations that accept pets tend to fill up faster than those that don’t because more people are bringing pets on vacation these days. Check with the hotel to see if there are any additional fees for pets and if there are any weight limits.

Locate the Nearest Pet Hotels

If you can’t find a pet-friendly hotel, consider taking your pet to a kennel. Many kennels are more like pet hotels complete with private or shared suites, playtimes, potty breaks, and sometimes even TVs. Food is given at least twice a day and there is always trained staff to look after the animals every day and night.

Bring Familiar Items

Your furry friend may get homesick on your journey, so it might help to bring a familiar toy or blanket on your trip. Stuff his or her favorite chew toy in the travel crate and watch the anxiety melt away. Be sure to also include some tasty treats for your travel buddy as it may make a good bribe for good travel behavior.

Pull Over Every Few Hours

Plan on pulling over every four hours with your pet so he or she can stretch and walk around. If you’re concerned about your pet having an accident in the car, you may consider using a portable crate. Map out a few places you would like to visit on the way to your destination so you and your pet can enjoy some side trips.

While planning a vacation with your four-legged friend, be sure to book your stay with us at the Pacific Inn. Our pet-friendly accommodations are spacious and affordable with pillow-top beds and climate control AC. Call us today at 1-800-571-2933 to speak with a Reservation Manager.

Public Transit vs. Rental Cars: Which Is Best for San Diego Tourists?


Downtown San Diego is an amazing place. The area is vibrant, filled with activities, and best of all,it’s completely accessible using public transportation. If you’re considering renting a car while visiting our beautiful city, the helpful staff at the Pacific Inn San Diego can provide some insight as to why you should stick with public transportation instead.

Renting a Car Can be Expensive

San Diego is legendary for its high cost of living, but visitors can also feel the pinch. Using public transportation instead of renting a car can save visitors an estimated $63 per day, even if you could finagle a good deal on a rental car. Rental cars are expensive, and when you factor in the fluctuating cost of fuel,you’re much better off riding the trolley or a bus.

Where Will You Park a Car?

The city seems to have more cars than places to park them, whichcan often leave you hunting for a less-than-favorable parking space, which is often a brisk hike from your intended destination. Parking (especially in the downtown district) is almost never free and can easily range from $10-$25. If you don’t want to pay a premium for a compact space several blocks away, pay $5 for an all-day MTS pass.

Public Transportation Reduces Stress

Instead of navigating unfamiliar streets and traffic jams, transit riders can text and ride, peruse their maps, or just enjoy the sites while someone else is behind the wheel, no horn blowing necessary! It’s also a preferred method of transportation if you plan on hitting up the local bars and clubs, so everyone can enjoy a cocktail or two without drawing straws for a designated driver. San Diego mass transit offers a comfortable, affordable, and low-stress transportation for travelers visiting the city.

The Trolley Hits the High Points

You can grab the trolley or bus and visit many of the city’s most popular tourist destinations, including Balboa Park, Gaslamp Quarter, Old Town, Petco Park, Qualcomm Stadium, and the San Diego Convention Center. Additionally, you have the experience of riding the trolley, which is becoming an increasingly popular activity for visitors who simply want to take in the sights.

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Diminish Travel Fatigue with These 5 Tips


Traveling is a tiring experience for most people and the fatigue that travelers experience can seep into their vacation time, making it hard to enjoy their time in a new city. Help manage the feelings of tiredness and fatigue that most travelers experience with these tips from the Pacific Hotel San Diego.

1. Be Prepared

Stress adds to travel fatigue by robbing you of quality sleep time. To alleviate the kinds of travel stressors that lead to fatigue, confirm hotel reservations, route driving directions, finish packing, and print your boarding pass ahead of time and get a full night’s sleep before your day of travel.

2. Forget Your Expectations

No matter how carefully you plan, flights can be delayed, baggage may be lost, and traffic can get backed up. Don’t let these stressors wear you out. Rather than stressing about what could go wrong, try to think about how nice it is to be away from work and home. Enjoy the fact that you are not working and appreciate your time to relax.

3. Stay Away from Caffeine and Alcohol

Drinking too many caffeinated or alcoholic beverages can aggravate travel fatigue by interrupting sleep cycles and making it difficult to get to sleep. Try to avoid drinking carbonated, caffeinated, or alcoholic beverages at least six hours prior to bedtime to help ensure you can sleep soundly.

4. Keep Normal Hours

As much as possible, try to stay on your home schedule, even if you’ve crossed into a new time zone. This is particularly important when it comes to your sleep schedule. As staying up later than you’re used to and then sleeping late can sometimes result in insomnia or poor-quality sleep, keeping to your normal hours can be the best way to stay refreshed.

5. Relax

Traveling can be exciting and winding down at the end of the day can sometimes be difficult, which can cause you to feel fatigued the next day. To help yourself relax and get to sleep, do a relaxing activity prior to turning in, like taking a bath or drinking herbal tea.

Are you traveling to San Diego for your vacation? Be sure to select a conveniently located hotel in the city. The Pacific Inn & Suites, a leading hotel in San Diego, is situated in the heart of downtown, making it an ideal spot for tourists looking to explore the beautiful Embarcadero and Gaslamp Quarter. Reach out to a friendly Reservation Manager at 1-800-571-2933 to book a room or reserve your stay online.

How to be Eco-Friendly While Traveling


Travel Tips to Stay Eco-Friendly in San Diego

If you try to be eco-conscious in your day-to-day life, going on vacation can throw a wrench in your plans. However, even when you travel, there are easy ways to stay green. Read on for some eco-friendly suggestions from the staff at the Pacific Inn in San Diego.

1. Eat Local

While you may already know that eating locally grown foods is healthy, eating local foods can also save a lot of energy. During your trip to San Diego, try finding some delicious, locally sourced restaurants to try. Not only will this make for an eco-friendly meal, but you will get to enjoy local dishes made with fresh ingredients.

2. Unplug Your Home

Before you arrive in San Diego, spend a few minutes going around your home and unplugging your electronics and lamps. While it may be a trial to do this on a daily basis, if you will be away from home for a few days, freeing up some of your outlets can save electricity. Even when turned to off, electronics and appliances still use energy when they are plugged in.

3. Keep Your Thermostat Low

In your hotel room, you can conserve energy by keeping your thermostat on a neutral setting when you’re not in the room. Closing the drapes can also help prevent your room from getting too hot while you’re out exploring the city. Likewise, if your room is cold, instead of leaving the heat on, bundle up with a couple blankets.

4. Share Maps

Many tourist attractions hand out pamphlets of papers, ads, and maps to visitors, which can add up over your vacation. Avoid wasting paper by making it clear that your group would only like one map. This way, you can keep the copy you have as a souvenir, and save a significant amount of paper from the trash.

5. Choose Your Hotel’s Location

The best way to have an eco-friendly trip is to do a bit of extra planning before your arrival. One way to be green and to remove some travel stress when you’re on vacation is to pick a hotel that is close to public transportation. If you’re staying close to bus stops or trolley stations, you can avoid renting a car and dealing with parking. This way, you can be eco-friendly and avoid the stress of driving in an unfamiliar city.

Though trying to be eco-friendly while traveling can be a challenge, at the Pacific Inn & Suites, our central location can help. Our downtown San Diego hotel is conveniently located only a minute’s walk from a trolley station, which makes getting around the city in an eco-friendly way fast and easy. Call a Reservation Manager today at 1-800-571-2933 to find out about our availability and learn more about our central location, just minutes away from major San Diego attractions. Book your reservation today!

How to Plan a Successful Family Vacation


Family Friendly San Diego

While there are a lot of things to coordinate when planning a family trip to San Diego, there are several ways that you can ensure your trip’s success. Check out these four tips by the San Diego Pacific Inn for making your next family vacation a happy one.

1. Cushion Your Budget

One of the most crucial elements to planning a great family vacation is to stay within your budget. Since there can be a number of unplanned expenses on your trip, be sure to leave some breathing room in your budget when you’re booking the essentials. This way, if you do have money left over towards the end of your trip, you may get to splurge for a fancy dinner, or, if an emergency arises, you have the financial flexibility to take care of it.

2. Check for Deals

Along with planning some wiggle room in your budget, you may want to look for deals on discount sites before coming. Groupon has deals for small groups, so you may be able to get a deal on tickets for the whole family to attractions like the San Diego Zoo, Seaworld, or even Disneyland. Some companies offer special rates for groups of 5 or more people, so if you have a big family, don’t be afraid to ask for discounts before you purchase your tickets.

3. Invite a Friend

Traveling can be more fun for you and your children if they have a friend or sibling to share it with. If you will be traveling with just one child, consider having your child invite one of his or her friends along on the trip. While you will need to foot the bill for an extra person, having a friend along means that your child will be kept occupied, which means you can have some time to relax.

4. Get a Consensus

Another important step for making your trip successful is to make sure that everyone’s interests are given equal attention. Before the trip, make a list of all of the destinations in the city that are interesting to your family. Then, let everyone vote for their top 2 choices. Make sure to visit everyone’s top destination choice, and then try to squeeze in each person’s secondary choices if time allows. This way no one will feel left out, and everyone will get to do at least one thing that they’re interested in.

Planning family vacations is a challenge for most families, but picking a hotel that will work for your family doesn’t have to be. Reserve a room at the Pacific Inn San Diego and rest assured that your stay will be a comfortable and affordable one. Call a Reservation Manager today to learn more about our complimentary amenities and to find out about our availability. We look forward to welcoming you!


Make the Most of Your Business Trip


Business Travelers in San Diego

San Diego is a major destination for business professionals and for hosting conventions. Unfortunately, business travel often sounds more glamorous than it really is. It can be challenging to find time to see the sights and relax when you’re busy attending meetings or conferences. The following tips will help you make the most of your trip and enjoy some personal time away from work.

Plan Ahead

No matter how busy you expect to be during the trip, spend some time researching things to do in the city before you go. You can also email friends and colleagues who have been to San Diego for recommendations. Prepare a list of the restaurants, destinations, and events you hope to see while you’re in town so you have suggestions at hand if you can find time to get away.

Meet Clients at an Exhibition or Restaurant

If there’s something you want to see in town, plan to meet clients or colleagues there instead of in your hotel’s lobby. Meeting at the restaurant or museum maximizes your time and gives you an excuse to visit a location you otherwise would not have had time to see.

Add Extra Time

If possible, add an extra day or two to your trip to get in a bit of sightseeing. Arriving even a day early for a business trip gives you time to get settled in your hotel in downtown San Diego and explore.

Use Travel Time

A great deal of business travel involves merely waiting to get to a destination. Use your wait time on the plane or in the taxi to get through your work to-do list so you have more time to explore the city.

Get in a Workout

If your days are packed with meetings, nothing melts away the stress of work and travel better than getting in some exercise. When you have little downtime, take advantage of the beautiful San Diego weather to go for a walk or run before work and see the city up close.

Try New Foods

Instead of eating the lunch your company provides, suggest that your coworkers explore local restaurants near your hotel or business destination. Use Yelp and other review apps to find out where the locals like to eat. Work up the bravery to try some local cuisine, even if it’s out of your comfort zone. Nopales (cactus) tacos are a favorite at many San Diego Mexican restaurants.

Coming to San Diego for a work trip? Book a room at one of the top hotels in downtown. The conveniently located Pacific Inn is close to the San Diego International Airport, as well as local attractions, like the Gaslamp Quarter and the famous San Diego Zoo. Reach out to one of our Reservation Managers at 1-800-571-2933 for available dates, or reserve your room today!

Top Tips to Make the Airport a Breeze


SAN Aiport Tips

No matter how excited you might be to head out to a warmer climate, going to the airport at the start of your trip can be a real mood-killer. This is especially true if you happen to be traveling with kids in tow, during a busy season, or with lots of luggage. Fortunately, you can make travel a breeze with these innovative airport hacks.

Take a Quick Picture of Your Parking Spot

You think you’ll remember where you parked, or you write it down on scrap paper at your hotel in San Diego Gaslamp Quarter but accidently throw it in the trash. Instead, use your phone to photograph your parking space before flying will eliminate all of the stress and hassle of finding your car once you get back in.

Secure Luggage Zippers with Cable Ties

Before checking your bags, use a few zip ties to keep your zippers securely closed. This will prevent your luggage from falling open when loaded and unloaded, and it will also protect all of the important items that you have stowed inside.

Use a Mobile App to Find the Fastest Security Line

If there are multiple security stations at the airport that you’re leaving from, use a mobile phone app like MyTSA to find out which of these is moving fastest.

Pack Inflatable Toys for the Kids

An empty gate and an inflatable beach ball are all you need to keep kids entertained when experiencing flight delays. You can also pack board games, playing cards and drawing kits. Making sure that kids have plenty to do will make it easier for you to manage them while waiting to depart.

Carry a Refillable Water Bottle

While you can’t carry a full bottle of water onto the plane, you can carry your own refillable water bottle. This way, you can fill it up once you’ve made your way through the security station and won’t have to spend money to buy expensive beverages in the airport.

Look for a Luggage Cart in the Pick-Up Area

If you need a luggage cart, you may be able to save a little cash by snagging one that was recently used. You can usually find these in the pick-up zone.

Hang Near an Airport Lounge for Free Wi-Fi Access

Although some airports have free Wi-Fi, many limit your access to 30 or 60 minutes. Take advantage of the free Wi-Fi offered in airport lounges by sitting close to the lounge entrances. For more room to spread out and full-access to all of the features offered in airport lounges, you can also consider splurging on a day pass.

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